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Have to restrain with a straitjacket? You don't understand anything in poetry

July 24, 2017
Shade Empire - Poetry Of The Ill-Minded

The Shade Empire - Poetry Of The Ill-Minded album begins with the splendor of the symphonies Lecter (Welcome), in epic orchestral passages elevating the perception to the transcendental heights. Then the music supplements with soft, but driving guitar riffs, the vocals appeals to screaming, to growling even to dreamy parties of clean vocals. All these images and forms have combined in a bright sparkling musical panorama.
After orchestral symphonies, Wanderer's stories begins with the militant march, but then again the symphonic charm rises on the glittering canvas of the flag that evolves over the wandering squad. Then drive and melody intertwines, weaving in the fascinating stream of musical revelations. Vocal alternates between screaming and growling, uniting them into the single entity.
Once again, the symphonic splendor correlates with the metal drive, woven into the more inherent style of Drawn To Water - The Path. But music does not become just simple drive - it is crowned by symphonic passages, especially in a leisurely, solemn part, at the beginning of which the vocals appear as true growling. The rapid and bustling instrumental passage closes this part, after which the music no longer slows down its rhythm.
The ornate, melodic introduction grows into a vocal story, in which Thy Scent uses a few different stylistic frames, to the proud and enthusiastic exploits of glorious heroes. In this glorious, rapturous legendary chronicle, the whole composition passes. The sage talks about past and future prophecies, soft instrumental notes emphasize the completion of these instructions. Then the guitar riff rises up, almost drowning out the words of the elder. Then the musical triumph of Anti-Life Saviour raises the power and energy of its legend to unimaginable peaks, captivating the following so charming melody that any muted warnings of the ancient sage would not be able to warn against the incredible, indescribable admiration of this fabulous, diverse and so bright musical tale. Then the musical picture calms down, referring to a romantic ballad, enveloped in charming lyrical melodies, which precede thoughtful reflections. Taking advantage of the instrumental music that is soothing, the sage turns to the recitative, recalling the past, predicting the future ... and continuing to philosophize on everything else. But, the guitars get tired of these instruction-teachings - and the music again returns to the bright, melodic and delightful drive, over which the vocal phrases and keyboard passages whirl around ... damn it, only the description of this song entirely serves as a review for the album, not otherwise!
Memories of the clasic sonatas begin in a romantic introduction, then creating Map Of Scars in the whirlwinds of a powerful and confident music that only embody symphonic melodies in the sparkling metal of adamantine and mithril armor. The solemn, unhurried and confident in its importance Treasure (In Liquid Dreams Of Mirror Universe) completes the sound of this magnificent and many-edged album. In the middle tempo, covering a lot of stylistic shades ... well, I will say only one thing - everyone will perceive the sound of this composition, like the entire album, only in its own way. So there is not much point in verbose reflections - you need to listen and enjoy it!