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Have to maintain usual technology

April 17, 2022
Exek - A Casual Assembly

Pulsations of the musical background create an atmosphere for vocal reflections, creating the mysterious significance of the Withheld From The Cycle composition, revealing the path of the musical procession of the Exek - A Casual Assembly album and anticipating its further development of musical ideas, again denoting its meaning with The Home Of The Architect vocals monologue.
The Aerospace And Defence vocals reflections with an obscure mystery of background musical notes set the semantic essence of the next fragment of the album, embodied in the musical mystery of the A Mental Note song.
Echoes of cosmic currents instill their influence on the sound of musical variations in the Menthol track, then giving more importance to the vocal narrative of The Commoner and somewhat pacifying the atmosphere of musical mystery in the mysterious charm of the artistic musical variations of The Physicist's Issue composition with the influence of the lounge music style.
A vocal monologue, complemented by artistic musical echoes of jazz improvisations and various musical passages, completes the sound of the album with the Where The Milk Was Spilt and A Fax Back From The Architect tracks.