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Have to find a new reason

January 13, 2023
Leather - We Are the Chosen

Dense drumming and powerful guitar riffs form basis for the We Take Back Control emotional vocals confessions, continuing the Leather - We Are the Chosen album with assertive guitar riffs and drums, complementing and embellishing them with vocal tunes of a fierce witch in the sound of the Always Been Evil composition. Rhythmically, viscously and restrainedly, the Shadows musical march of the verse complements the twilight atmosphere with a melodic ascension of a romantic ballad in the chorus and an enchanting guitar solo.
The guitar solo intro is mysteriously intriguing, paving the way for the development of the main motif, but the Off with Your Head musical composition varies the tempo and rhythm again and again, returning to the motifs of the introduction in the chorus. The We Are the Chosen title track's battle saga rolls in waves of restrained drive, then complementing them with the story of a vocals story that precedes the harsh twilight of the assertive sound of the Tyrants composition.
Mysterious pensiveness and a twilight musical atmosphere envelop the vocal narrative of the Hallowed Ground ballad with its covers, then rushing into the unrestrained race of the Dark Days musical thriller, weaving vocal phrases with threads of rapid musical passages. But the twilight atmosphere of the Who Rules the World dark musical tale restrains the swiftness, retreating before the furious pressure of The Glory in the End final composition of the album.