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Have to accept your death while summoning us

January 24, 2018
Summoning - With Doom We Come

Epic and thoughtfully Tar-Calion opens the musical thoughts of the Summoning - With Doom We Come album , prevailing in meditation and reflection, casting aside the power and anger, enveloping the environment with an obscure fog.
The fog of the musical mystery flows into the oriental shapes, enchanting Silvertine with hot and sultry motifs of the musical extravaganza, vortices over the dunes are sung by muffled vocal phrases, as if spicing over the surrounding dunes.
The atmosphere of reflection continues into the Carcharoth sounding, becoming more meditative and calm, fascinating with lyrical romance and fettering with the charm of calm and muffled fog any sharp jerks.
Herumor continues this atmosphere, giving much more sense to the vocal phrases bringing importance to the story, not ignoring the charming chime of the sacred mystical bells. Then the vocals appeal to the harsh power, remaining the most abrupt and malicious musical canon.
Barror-downsThe epic legend pulsates in the depths of the rocks, as if the unknown creation of heroic hypostases by a proud march extolling its identity to our attention.
So fascinating story Night Fell Behind with an ambiguous atmosphere envelops the consciousness, fascinating with invisible keyboard notes, delighting with unreasonable motives, through which muffled vocal phrases reveals the depths of the world.
Soft and fascinating Mirkland main motive creates a brooding gloomy fog enveloping the atmospheric musical twilight creaking vocal phrases and bright keyboard passages.
Bound meditations bring the magic charm of the title track With Doom I Come keyboards motifs enveloping the fluttering tunnels of the flute, the vocals only restrainedly complement these instrumental extravaganzas.