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Have to abandon all hope

October 10, 2021
Apallic - Edge Of Desolation

Craising crows, lifeless Desolation field atmosphere and saddle-eyed acoustic guitar opens the gates of the musical narration of the Apallic - Edge Of Desolation album, then enchanting a bright and melodious guitar solo in the Bow To Nothing song's addition with a deep growling vocals, then all sealing and fierce rhythm section. Accelerating and fierce musical sound, the Torn composition is crowned with a musical image of an encouraging and inspiring guitar solo.
Rhythmically, tightly with the essays of battle marches and military sags Boundless song valiant and confidently marching the selected path. The At The Shores Of Acheron somewhat accelerates the musical pace, but browsing the vocal party to the foreground of the musical image in the chorus. Hurry, hastily and impatiently chases the music of the Perishing Void verse, combining and varying vocal tonality and complementing the vocals batch with a brief reflection of pure vocals.
After an acoustic guitars intro's solo, solemn musical appeals of the Forgotten epic saga alternate in the foreground of the musical image with vocala phrases. Persistently and stubbornly, the Abandon All Hope composition carries to the procession along the path of the main motive, the mid-tempo march alternating with bright guitar solo instrumental bridges and some acceleration of the pace in the verse. The Solitude song completes the album of its longest fragment, combining the continuation of the replenish motifs of the previous track with an incredible set of stylistic variations.