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Have ordered to rot and decay? Not now, not today!

July 22, 2017
Cradle Of Filth - Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay

Viscous, mysterious and secretive melodies begins the Cradle Of Filth - Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay album, with the harsh guitar riff, introducing the phrases of Dani Filt in this brief composition, Exquisite Torments Await starting the album, that mixes orchestral passages with tough metal drive. Dani Filt completes the composition in his own words.
The fascinating, memorable and charming guitar break starts Heartbreak And Seance (which, surely, is available for viewing - all of that band's video clips as brief, unique and original films well known). Again the musical drive serves as an exciting base, sometimes supplemented with chorals. Naturally - the vocals are rushing over this flash.
The chimes of oriental motifs and muffled, reserved phrases open spaces for the unrestrained, frenzied drive of Achingly Beautiful. Vocal changes from bright flashes to smoothing, tightening stitches of muffled whisper. In addition, in violent and impetuous narrative female vocals sometimes complement the unrestrained zeal of Dani to show everyone this example of painful beauty.
Romantic singing creates the basis for the subsequent instrumental drive of Wester Vespertine, changing to jumping impetuous gallop, swiftly blowing into the spaces of a combination of amazing melodies with various vocal tones, supplemented by deep and confident phrases of the demonic lady. Then a chorale of some mythical fairies sets the symphonic mood in front of a delightful guitar solo.
The title track (well, half-title) track The Seductiveness Of Decay begins with so viscous, deep and shackling melody that drives confidently and leisurely the tact of its progression over the album's path. But the introduction ends with the powerful, violent and crushing drums solo. Following this frenzied threshing follows the wave of a vigorous, metal drive in a verse peculiar to other musical styles. In bridge between the couplets there comes symphonic respite, and after the second verse follows the tribute to the classic of metal. But behind this traditional and classic to some extent the segment is followed by a frenzied impulsive swift instrumental and vocal rabies, replaced by newly inspired traditional heavy metal segment. Then follows symphonic respite, with a mythical chorus of fairies and restrained vocal phrases. The composition is completed with the same alternation of traditional and fast sounding.
After the title follows Vengeful Spirit, beginning with fog of gothic romance, proceeding with confident drive close to traditional metal - but enveloped in keyboards passages and chorals of intangible fairies. But then one of the fairies, Liv Kristine quite clearly manifests its voice in the song, bringing the sound back to lyrical reverie, then Dani combines his voice with Liv. But before the furious and fast guitar solo drive comes back, after it should be like a mirror image of the first part of the composition.
The furious drive and the irresistible rage of guitar riffs comes to the fore in the You Will Know The Lion By His Claw sound, keyboard passages only complement and embellish the harsh rigidity of an irresistible drive.
Beginning in the viscous mist mysterious and disturbing music, Cradle Of Filth then turns to the classics, recalling in his symphonic saga Death And The Maiden unforgettable Franz Schubert creations. Viscous, mysterious and leisurely intro replaces with thoughtful contemplation, which is then followed by the changeable calm the fury. But the phrase demonic Lady directs music to instrumental solos, combining melody and impulsivity hard top and explosive rhythmic foundation.
The composition ends in another bright act of reflection.
Solemnly and pathetically beginning, The Night At Catafalque Manor reunites melody, drive and sharp swiftness in a single musical stream. Well, traditions are given tribute and sound energetic and modern.
Completes this significant, diverse (with unimaginable combination of so many styles) album wonderful remembrance about unique Alison Hell, Annihilator cover. On the one hand, the changes in the sound can only be indicated by the increased role of the bass guitar, which, through the main motif, sometimes improvises and keyboards that envelops the whispers of its passages, without distracting them from the main motive; on the contrary, supplementing it with new shades. On the other hand, this song seemes awaiting for the Cradle Of Filth band will cover it!