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Harsh and unrestrained this terrible story

August 05, 2019
 Obturate - The Bleeding Mask Of Dread

Rumble and growl completes the introduction of the Blue Marks On Her Neck song, then the harsh and tough drive rampant and violently revealing the gates of the Obturate - The Bleeding Mask Of Dread album. Unknown Breed develops the drive into a harsh and unyielding march, the vocals become darker and deeper, irresistibly rolling waves of musical fury.
The gloomy playfulness and dark wisp of darkness marches on the march of Under The Ninth Moon Rain bewitching dark anthem. On Your Corpse I Spit converts a piece of music into pulsating bursts of a gloomy but valiant march. Vocals phrases march busily and valiantly.
Thunderstorm and bad weather end with the Within Their Throat majestic dark symphony, the vocal part severely and significantly rolls its statements. Then the Scarlett Stains Upon The Bodies main motive envelops vocal phrases with swirling wortexes.
Sighs, cries and despair are preceded by the inspired passages of the Underneath Your Skin twilight anthem, enveloping vocal phrases with a ghostly symphony of triumphal darkness. The main motive of the Bloodbringers composition envelops the listener with enchanting lace of ghostly vortices, weaving a bewitching mystery of dance from musical passages and vocal phrases.
Guitar riffs of the Obsidian Wraith song are encircling the mind and crawl with playful motives into the depths of consciousness. Storm, noise and bad weather unfold the musical canvas of the introduction, then the Wear That Flesh ends the album with the malleable dusk of a majestic and inspired ballad.