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Hand of God hitherto unknown to mortals

June 12, 2018
Meliah Rage - Idol Hands

Playfully dancing in the passages of the main motive The Kill-All Rule begins the Meliah Rage - Idol Hands album with bewitching promises, seducing and inspiring with so incredible prospects. But the chorus creeps in, finishing it and starting the next verse with a fascinating melody. The composition finishes with gloomy reflections, preceding the last chorus.
Deepening the thoughtfulness of the final fragment of the previous composition Dark As Your Thoughts confuses with unclear questions, but in the chorus preludes with a mysterious charm - a very interesting and exciting song comes out, which retains the lightness of perception along with interesting shades.
The title track Idol Hands continues the album, beginning with a gloomy fog, bouncing and scattering the twilight in a verse, but in the bridge before the chorus he will return, creating an enchanted atmosphere for the vocal celebration.
Mystical reflections enveloping in gloomy mystery interspersed with jerking drive, keaping the vocals in the Crushed Beneath My Heel main role while asking questions and putting riddles. Musical passages uncertainly complement the sound of notes of romanticism, but the vocals again take away their primacy.
A dense and confident drive in verses envelops its procession with mysterious and inspiring notes, fully embodied in the romantic reflections of the Sentenced To Life chorus.
Preserving an unclear romanticism, enveloped in mysterious conjectures and epic conjectures, Absolute Power rushes into the impetuous stream of impetuous drive, supplementing with enchanting vocal adornments with charming melody, manifested even in a tight driving rhythm.<> Pulsating like the heartbeat of an unimaginable monolith Infernal Bleeding envelops in many conjectures and doubts, building up with dense musical walls ballad that is inspiring with its grandeur and versatility.
Completing the album Where Darkness Lies creates a fascinating backdrop to the introduction, developing music in a progressive manner, combining epic and swiftness, loading the sound in verses and making it easier in choruses.