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Habitual and mundane is often the result of a miracle

March 22, 2020
Light (ARG) - The Miracle Of Life

Music weaves in bewitching lace of artistic variations, progressively varying the mysterious sparks of melodic decisions. Vocals reflections adds notes of reflections, complementing Time And Space musical passages with shades of wise reflections. The beginning of the Light (ARG) - The Miracle Of Life album combines the pensive musings of guitar improvisations with the sparkling fairies of keyboard passages that crown the majestic musical tale.
The guitar solo of the Let Go introduction brings an atmosphere of alarmed doubt, the vocal part complements the mood of uncertainty, the musical parts wrap the vocal phrases with the whirl of the bass part and crown the musical image with sublime keyboard variations.
Complementing the complex musical decisions of progressive musical finds, Out Of The Way complements the stylistic framework of the album with pulsating blues notes, then returning to the dominance of keyboard passages in the instrumental composition. But the final part returns to the pulsating march.
The mesmerizing reverie of the Ethereal Beauty inspired ballad weaves a bewitching lace of musical sparkles, complemented by rare vocal phrases that remain against the backdrop of a musical extravaganza. Indescribable and unimaginable beauty takes you on a journey through the Dreamland, first bringing the vocal narrative to the front edge of the musical image, but then returning to the interweaving of vocal reflections with musical variations in a bewitching dance.
The title track The Miracle Of Life begins with a keyboard solo, intriguing with unclear expectations. Then the music is supplemented by the pulsating notes of drive and completes the album with the majestic inspiration of the solemn anthem, enormous amount of musical finds and progressive variations - these musical transformations would be quite enough to leave a lot of impressions in a separate release!