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Habits of sorrow and hot are everywhere

June 03, 2020
Deathwhite - Grave Image

A leisurely march of musical thoughtfulness envelops Funeral Ground in an atmosphere of empathy, complemented by emotional vocal phrases, groaning in an atmosphere of insoluble sadness, complemented by the growling phrase "Breathe!" at the end of musical fragments. Driving in waves of a crushing drive, In Eclipse then continues the Deathwhite - Grave Image album with a leisurely procession enchanting musical elements that weave lace of a romantic atmosphere around impressive vocal phrases.
With a pulsating rhythm on the background, the Further from Salvation intro drives piles of the path with rhythmic beats, starting the vocal part with rhythmic appeals, but then expanding the stylistic framework with a thoughtful vocal whisper and marching in the solemn procession of the twilight anthem. The title composition of the Grave Image album combines sophisticated vocal musings with an artistic manifestation of musical variations, weaving them together in the musical lace of the chorus. Forcing the music of the waves of painful drive Among Us alternates them with vocal pleas in saddened romanticism. Delicate guitar passages and gentle vocal reflections create a charming, romantic Words of Dead Men ballad atmosphere.
The artistry and variability of guitar riffs brings progressive tones to the sound of the No Horizon introduction, but then the guitars envelop the vocals and the listener with a haze of impenetrable sadness. Speeding up the pace and tightening the rhythm Plague of Virtue introduces a restrained rush of drive into the album, but then the introduction of vocals determines the softening of the musical sound. Intriguing with the mysterious guitar solo of the intro, A Servant then performing vocal reflections are intertwined with gentle guitar notes in a leisurely dance, returning a sense of emotional romanticism. The band adds enough diversity to keep the album's music. That doesn't mean that the band experiments or offers any memorable passages but the group regularly transitions from slow and heavy passages to energetic and fast outbursts with ease. This is best accomplished in the extraordinary album closer Return to Silence song.