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Grim forebodings of great debacle

April 27, 2021
Monolithe -  Okta Khora

The title albums composition sets the mood of the album after the thoughts Monolithe - Okta Khora Okta Khora (Part 1) then rolling the further sound of the album and composition, the impudent anticipation of the distant race musical development. Next, the Onset of the Eighth Cycle music is hardened and driving hard drives. As expertly performed throughout the Dissonant Occurence, an eight minute long track that can be found as efficiently sums up band both as performers and lyrical writers. It is a slow burn.
Twilight blowing of compositions is combined into the union of indirect frenzy, then complementing the Ignite the Heavens (Part 1)Ignite the Heavens (Part 2) each other with a frantic sound of instrumental jerseys in the composite blow, The Great Debacle in thoughtful heating sounds the rejection.
Disrupted FirmamentTough, painfully and thoughtfully the Ignite the Heavens (Part 2) injected musical waves, anticipating the Okta Khora (Part 2) final track of the album and release.