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Grief and sorrow can transform the mind and soul

July 20, 2019
Wilderness - Grief

Starting from a harsh drive, full of disturbing notes with fierce vocals and experiences, Burial from time to time, it is transformed into romantic thoughts, in which clean vocals look at new and new opportunities that have appeared.
Keeping an atmosphere of obscure peace Therapy continues the Wilderness - Grief album with reflections full of uncertainty and doubt, receding when vocal experiences enveloping the shroud of twilight rest, transforming the composition into a brooding ballad. Clean vocals with harsh are sometimes combined in a duet, combining disturbing experiences and peace, irritated rage and overwhelming calm.
Preserving the mid-tempo sound and the overall impression, the kindred ballad in a couplet, transforming the romance with a march with the dominant vocal recitative Ghost forces the drive waves and complements the compositional variety with the tones of clean vocals.
Breaking out in a wave of anxious feelings in a verse, in the bridge, vocals are attached to the assessments and reflections on destinies, crowning their ideas and thoughts with the romantic melodies of clean vocals in the Burn chorus. Introduction of the Rest complements the album with broken rhythms, giving the sound some progressive hues, but then the vocals return to the inherent album of alternating fierce emotional harsh and soothing clean vocals, completing the musical artwork in its inherent manner.