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Grief and sadness hovering over us

March 15, 2021
Mournful Gust - Fly Sorrow Fly

Pensive adolescence of the musical dusk envelops the Overcoming My Sadness song's dreaming veils of clean vocals with the conquers of nature exhausts, then the vocal brings the vocal to the sound of emotional sensuality and transforms the clean vocals with a harsh rover, pointing out that not everything in sorrow is so hopeless, gossiping clean vocals and growing in a duet. The Forgiven - Forgotten continues the Mournful Gust - Fly Sorrow Fly album with the waves of the medium-level drive, the fierce sound, but maintaining his thoughtful majesty, sometimes he is the sign of emotional mysteries with handful of pure vocals. Guitar solo of intro specifies the path of development of the main motive, the weaving of fascinating unity of thoughtful sadness and wisdom accumulated by centuries. The vocals enter the thinking reflections, gently and thoughtfully marching into the unity of the softness and severity of a restrained ground. Then the pure vocal makes a magnificent variety into the sound of the Let Me Feel It Dead... track that complements the response of the ...And Bless Me If I Die song's response after it, after the intriguing entry of the spoolly smoke of the solo of the acoustic guitar, after the viscous grinding of vocal phrases, the vocals march the encouraging march.
The All That Is In The Chest romantic ballad with a background growling creates a sensual atmosphere, in which memories of the vortices of lost love are revealed in mind with bright sparks. The musical chime is captivated by uncpendless sadness, marking a rhythmic march under the exultan banners of Sister Of Despair indescribable grief.
But the romantic chime of guitar strings of the Thanks For A Shine composition envelops the dreamy atmosphere of the ghostly hope, continuing to drive the readiness banners in the Here Comes The Winter battle march, that finishes the album with harsh confidence. Especially it should be noted an impressive guitar solo tool part of the final album composition.