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Grief and misery sometimes bedazzle

February 04, 2020
Ezkaton -  Sheen And Misery

The gates of the Ezkaton - Sheen And Misery concept album dedicated to the charms of black magic and unhurried reflection on the fate of life opens Fall From The Darkness Above, gently anticipating the introduction of vocals with conversations, an acoustic guitar and the sound of bells. But then honest confessions and revelations roll out the musical canvas of thoughts. The distorted echoes of the ancient spells anticipate the development of Altars Of The Flame composition, painfully and leisurely appealing to the echoes of the ancient elements, then the vocals saddle the pulsation of the main motive and carries it along with its following.
The inspirational pulsation of the Last Breath musical poses inspires the further development of the musical essence in romantic spheres. The viscous and marching procession of The Ash Path is Laid in The Shade song continues the extravaganza of the album with the gloomy grandeur of the solemn anthem.
Then gloomy greatness shrouds in the veils of an obscure haze, bewitching with a bewitching melody - at first slowly marching along with the narration of the Luring Needle composition, then lifting up the bewitching covers of the melodic banners of the dark charm of the Wisdom song. Sorrow and despair are interwoven in a symphonic charm of perception of the Tortured by Solitude (Coldworld cover) composition, bringing in bursts of true black metal.
The noise of the fire precedes the Intro To Part Two gloomy symphony, leisurely and thoughtfully portending the development of the next composition. Weave Your World at first continues the gloomy mystery, but then it sometimes explodes with whirlwinds of drive. The symphonic beginning Bleeding Eyes introduces into a conceptual trance, then the Land Of Dishonest Rot restrained drive stimulates the anticipation of the Fading Abyss enchanting melody, completing the album with sublime epicity and a return to the roots of style.