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Gravity can hold love in borders

June 15, 2016
Architects - All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us

Gravity... there's no bless, no grace for us - Architects - All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us!
Powerful, irresistibly and effusively starts story of the Nihilist, which is unrestrained in his denial of everything, calms for a bit at finish.
Mysterious entry, passing into a ragged slow rhythm continues until Deathwish expressed. Then constant changes - fast parts with sharp guitar and slow, with enchanting keyboards.
Frisky guitars, keyboards hovering over them, but Phantom Fear doesn't pay any attention to that - it can't be seen and ununderstandable - but it exists. The story about this phenomenon varies the pace and rage of music, rumbling their impressions to your mind as well!
Entry drives piles in its way, Downfall rhythmic, saturated and not in a hurry to fill the space by its sound - thet's happens whenever!
Sharply, furiously, without restraint starts Gone With The Wind to change the music into ballad-style for next part. The ragged fury enslaved the rhythm for slow but mighty rush, 'till the ballad returns to us again.
Dreamy melodies, mysterious and sublime guitar passages let us to see The Empty Hourglass further fierce sound and powerful feed not conceal the lyrical keyboards and ballad format of composition.
Pulsating sound, nervous vocals - seems to be A Match Made In Heaven! The average rate does not allow leitmotif slip away from the spotlight, and the keyboard covers angry beating sound, not allowing it to leave track's dreamy and mysterious embraces.
Gravity holds within its limits the desire to break free from the boundaries and borders. So mid tempo can't accelerate its pace, and dreamy-style will take us to the end of song.
Gloomy, sad entry drag us away into the realm of darkness and despair, reminding - All Love Is Lost. The mysterious, lyrical and melodic ballad, despair and melancholy that permeates every cell of the body, leaving sadness and gloom after its sounds.
Keyboard and guitar like flying over the clouds, seems that they have come From the Wilderness. Closer to the end melodic parties are gaining strength and weight, finishing like knights clad in armor, trampling expanses of wild lands.
Electrical device lets pulses that gently suggest the outline of the story, whisper softly speaks, exalted keyboard passage ends short phrases, then vocals enter the Memento Mori tale with its furious rush to add the might and power to that story. Next vocals and keyboards combine their activities in single burst...interupted by lection with the electrical impulses on background. Next guitars add its flame to that burst. And lection supported by keyboards ends that tale.