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Graves? All of us will be there

July 27, 2020
Hot Graves - Haunted Graves

Exploding with a wave of unbridled drive, title track begins the Hot Graves - Haunted Graves album with a combination of musical frenzy and vocal rage, advising the influences of several musical styles and shades of screaming and growling in the vocal part, ticking musical bars with guitar solo belts. but then the musical narration slows down, adding epic notes and mesmerizing with the majestic melody of guitar solos and the meaning of vocal phrases.
Beginning with a furious explosion of unrestrained drive, the Sewage Communion rolls over with inherent waves of anger and rage, ending the sound of the composition with weary reflections, bringing the shades of a ballad into the sound.
Further, the development of the Ruination Supremacy song is based on the unity of screaming and growling in the vocal part, not only alternating them, but also complementing the narration of vocal phrases with their unity in a duet.
Completing release the Rotted track shares the influences of screaming and growling, first bringing screaming to the forefront of the musical image, then alternating with the majestic melody of a guitar solo.