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Grasping time is managing your thoughts and mind

November 21, 2019
Vokonis - Grasping Time

Pumping up the trend of thoughtful motives Antlerqueen completes musical beats with vortices of drive, then vocal phrases raise their banners to the surface of the beginning of Vokonis - Grasping Time album. The pensive Sunless Hymnal ballad in the muffled tunes of the enchanting sacrament continues the album. Vocals phrases with pensive passages add a bewitching charm to the composition and elevate the pensive trends of the majestic anthem.
The I Hear the Siren introduction throws a rampant stream of drive, but the vocals direct the musical essence in a mysterious mystery. But the final part of the song combines these contrasting styles in a mesmerizing composition. The solo bass of the guitar and drums dominates the introduction, then the guitar solo comes to the fore of the Exiled instrumental composition. Ashes continues the instrumental variations with a bewitching sacrament, sometimes offering up sparkling trends of guitar solos. Embers develops the motives inherent in the previous composition, giving them a greater number and variety of variations. Sometimes musical trends escalate rampant whirlwinds of drive, but again and again returning to a thoughtful mystery and complementing instrumental variations with rare vocal phrases.
The title track Grasping Time continues the sound of the album, giving it the trends of regretted romance, enveloping with the atmosphere of ghostly doubts. Fading Lights continues meditations and unhurried tunes of the title track, completing the album with even more twilight tunes and vague reflections. The vocals in front of the final part of the composition become hardened in nervous emotional cries.