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Good time of zombies in love

July 17, 2022
Wolfsbane - Genius (Wolfgenius)

After the rapid introduction of the Spit It Out composition, the vocal narrative of the verse somewhat pacifies the musical swiftness with notes of mystery, but is combined in a joint rush of the chorus. After the mystical mystery of the introduction, the Zombies song continues the musical narrative of the Wolfsbane - Genius (Wolfgenius) album with reflections, raising in the chorus of the banner full of hope, which develop the guitar riffs of the Impossible Love composition in the sparkling artistry of a bright celebration.
Capturing attention with the Rock the Boat main motif, the music and vocals captivate with a joint intriguing dance to the perception of the Small Town Kisses joyful song, crowned with vocals inspiration and sparkling anticipation of the Things Are Getting Better festival tunes with rebellious notes of the vocal part.
After a brief preparation, the Good Time song raises vocal phrases to the top of the musical oboaz, rocking it with sparkling guitar solos, continuing the bright vocals narrative in the sound of the Rock City Nights composition, sounding more rhythmically and persistently and inspired by the pulsations of the Running Wild musical artwork. The album finalises the I Was Born in '69 brooding ballad.