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Gods, demons and supporters are united in a single thread

December 25, 2018
Arsis - Visitant

Artistry and the inspiration of musical artistry unites in the sound of the Tricking the Gods composition a furious drive and epic charm, bringing a trend of classical music. In the instrumental passages arises the epic charm of medieval romanticism, the vocal in the verse introduces rage and drive, but in the instrumental bridges the music introduces a charming haze, dispelling rage and anger and combining musical and vocal trends in a bewitching whirlwind, like a fairy and a prince rise in a sparkling waltz into dreamy expanses of cloudy castles. But rage and drive tend to return what was taken from them and gives the Arsis - Visitant album more rigidity to the sound of the next Hell Sworn song, as if a procession of black knights disperses the defenders of the castle, bringing demonic rancor and deathly rage. The influence of classical music is preserved, but the atmosphere of the heroic saga is more clearly felt, erecting the atmosphere of battles in the swift passages of the verses and elevating the experiences to a new level in the chorus. Easy Prey continues this style, getting rid of the atmosphere of classical music in unstoppable drive verses and introducing progressive shades in brooding bridges and choruses.
The mysterious mystery of the Fathoms entourage envelops the perception of epic shades of ancient legends, vocals complements the intrigue heralding the beginning of a forgotten tale. But then the music hardens and thickens the sound, becoming more gloomy and harsh. As Deep As Your Flesh continues the gloomy sacrament, continuing the epic narration in which the vocal part prevails, continuing the narration of the concept album.
The majestic narrative reveals the main theme of A Pulse Keeping Time With the Dark inspired hymn in the verses and instrumental bridges, returning in the chorus to the enchanting grandeur of the intro, further focusing on it in the instrumental part. Sweeping a fascinating lace of progressive musical passages in the introduction, the vocal part introduces changeable factors, combining in a fascinating Funereal Might musical image together with musical delights.
In the Death Vow's intro, intrigue, embodied in a couplet, develops. The bridges between the couplets prepare the ascension of the inspirational the experiences of dancing in an enchanting dance with epic folklore trends, intertwined with a ribbon of progressive trends. In the instrumental part, the main motive is transformed by an epic romanticism, the guitar solo, which has hitherto remained in the background, comes to the forefront of the composition, completing the song with an inspired chorus. Death Is Better continues, but simplifies the style of sound, carried away in an exciting whirlwind of the main motive in the verses and transformed into pensive feelings of choruses.
The Unto the Knife introduction gets stuck in thoughtful meditations, but the vocal part transforms awareness with an average tempo and progressively broken rhythm, the vocal from the weaving of screaming and growling goes to the thoughtful harsh. It should be noted the completion of the album ... however, its true completion is an incredible fusion of genres, manifested in the sound of His Eyes (Pseudo Echo Cover) - combining the furious drive of melodic death metal and the influence of popular music of the 80s.