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Go away tomorrow, come back yesterday

April 28, 2022
Stace, Wesley, 2021 -  Late Style

The intriguing sound of the Where The Bands Are song begins the musical narration of the Wesley Stace - Late Style album with echoes of some mysterious playfulness. The Everything All The Time composition complements the vocal part with background tunes of the singing lady, giving additional charm to the sound. The mysterious twilight of the Your Bright Future main motif envelops the vocal lyrics with covers of mystery and obscurity of conjecture. The sound of the vocal part is brought to the forefront of the sound, again and again emphasizing the Hey! Director title in the chorus. The Come Back Yesterday composition captivates with an exciting sound in anticipation of the gentle romanticism of the All The Yous ballad.
Accentuating the titles of The California Fix composition complements the sounds with background tunes of singing ladies, continuing the influence of female chorales in the musical image of the Well Done Everyone song. The Impossible She brooding ballad fascinates with a romantic unity of vocal reverie and musical melody.
A certain detachment and thoughtfulness of the sound of the Do Nothing If You Can song takes you to the expanses of trot and memories, dancing in the playful sound of the Just Sayin. composition and the How You All Work Me brooding final reflections of the album.