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Ghostly spirits walk in a dark procession

June 06, 2021
Ereb Altor, 2021 -  Eldens Boning (EP)

The story of the wise storyteller lays the foundation for the further development of the Ereb Altor - Eldens Boning (EP) epic conceptual album. Further, after a leisurely training, the vocals enters emotional phrases of clean vocals, supplemented by epic musical passages in a non-splashing procession of The Twilight Ship leisurely solemn march, which brings the banners of the epic anthem. The instrumental part of the composition enchants the sadly thoughtfulness of a guitar solo, which envelops the listener with twilight romanticism of musical mystery, preceding the saddled vocal thought.
The Fenrisulven acoustic ballad introduces the shades of the northern bards, who have thoughtful fairy tales at the foci of homemade fireplaces, when they are ruthless blizzard behind the walls of the houses. The vocal party changes the lyrics with English to the native band's language, giving a greater influence of the essays of native places.
Rolling the waves of a battle march, the Eldens Boning title composition speeds up the pace of musical narration, fierce music and vocals in militant heating and calls to the battle. Then the vocals are hardened from militant appeals to a severe screen-grounding, alternating with melodic guitar solo and background eneamies of combat brothers-in-arms.
The Sacrifice 2.0 completes the album with musical paths of heroic saga, alternating epic clean vocals with a harsh bridge of demonic screaming, again and re-emphasizing the name of the composition, alternating these appeals with sacrificial handles of clean vocals.