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Ghostly shadows of forgotten tales

December 04, 2021
My Dying Bride - The Ghost of Orion

The main motif begins the sad story of the Your Broken Shore song, then a somewhat tempering wave of sadness due to vocal reflections, hardening to growling with the return of the whirling sad symphony, then repeating a similar alternation again and again. The To Outlive the Gods composition continues the musical tale of the My Dying Bride - The Ghost of Orion album, keeping the sad atmosphere, but adding violin echoes of symphonicism and a progressive complication of the rhythmic structure.
More insistently, rhythmically, and insistently rolling waves of defiance and dissent, the Tired of Tears develops music and vocals in a unified procession that is full of entreaty and further develops progressive echoes of musical artistry. The guitar and vocals intertwine in an enchanting dance of The Solace introduction, bringing a slightly new representation of the musical essence to the album's sound.
After a long preparation for the development of the main motif, the The Long Black Land song takes the vocal reflections to the top of her sound, adding vocal charm to the musical reflections. The Ghost of Orion title track sounds like a brooding acoustic guitar solo with wordless background tunes.
The sad reflections seem to transport us to the depths of The Old Earth ritual mysteries of medieval magic, preceding the album's conclusion with wordless chorales and chants of the Your Woven Shore song.