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Get ready to hear this tale

October 07, 2020
Hibiki - Hands Of Providence

Developing in the pulsating lace of musical narration, the threads of the Sonic Divine main motive entwines them with mesmerizing lace the charismatic inspiration of female vocals. Captivating by combining alternation of vocal inspiration and musical melody The Wavering Night emphasizes the essence of their unity in the song, as the main feature of the musical sound of the Hibiki - Hands Of Providence album.
The futuristic haste and the keyboard symphony of the intro anticipate the musical impetuosity of the light but high-speed drive of the Inside The Scream composition. The Traveller In Space track develops the set of the previous composition into a majestic anthem of the epic saga, restraining the musical impetuosity to a mid-tempo procession, crowned with a background of symphonic keyboard passages.
Subdued instrumental reflections are woven into the Observing Inner Space complex progressive artistic suite, serving as an introduction to the emotional stream of the Enter Eternity musical hit, weaving together vocal charisma and musical melody. The mesmerizing chime of a keyboard solo ends with an argument with harsh guitar passages.
The Evoke/Emancipateinstrumental composition brings the melodic charm of a guitar solo to the progressive fracture of the rhythmic essence, continuing the musical narration with the Believe And Listen symphonic ballad that combines soft keyboard passages and the mesmerizing thoughtfulness of female vocals. The Children Of The Sun ends the album, combining vocal tenderness with musical swiftness.