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Get ready for the Judgement Day

July 07, 2023
Metal Church - Congregation of Annihilation

The ram fraction then remains in the background, creating a musical basis for the vocal story and guitar riffs, combining in the exciting sound of the Another Judgement Day song, foreshadowing artistic and fascinating transformations in the sound of the title track of the Metal Church - Congregation of Annihilation album, building a vocal part from questions and answers and decorating the sound with a bright guitar solo of the instrumental part. But this bright and inspired musical ascension is followed by the unity of twilight mystery and battle march in the sound of the Pick A God and Prey composition. And again, the guitar solo adorns the musical lace with a bright ascension.
The guitar solo of the intro forms the basis of the guitar riffs of the Children of the Lie main motif, confidently and persistently paving the way for vocals reflections, entwined with shades of oriental motifs. Entering the enchanting symphony, the Me the Nothing composition marches along the verge of a ballad and a harsh mid-tempo march, developing a musical mystery in the sound of the Making Monsters mysterious song.
An energetic drive with a rock'n'roll spirit takes you into the Say a Prayer with 7 Bullets fast-paced dance, picking up your fun with vocals support, rhythmically and militantly driving in the intro of the These Violent Thrills song, then somewhat restraining the combativeness in the run-up to the vocal intro and pacifying the tempo for the sake of vocals ascension, but again accelerating the sound of the All That We Destroy composition, twisting the music and vocals in a single musical stream, breaking on the unhurried tread of the My Favorite Sin final musical story of this album.