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Get ready for the demon's carnage

August 05, 2023
Carnage Of Children - Extinction

The symphonic intro lends some nuances of charm to the further development of the Obscurity's Legions composition, anticipating the bitterness with the introduction of the vocals and the furious sharpening of the guitar riffs with florid squeals in the vinyl phrases of the sound, starting the musical story of the Carnage Of Children - Extinction album with an instrumental intro, then complemented by vocal variations in the sound of the Demon song, forcing the acceleration of the tempo and sounding brutality in rhythmic bursts of musical fury with vocal phrases, bringing a charming unity of musical melody and vocals severity.
The tunes of the guitar solo weave a bewitching lace of musical artistry, then receding in order to unite in a single procession with an assertive vocals tread that combines screaming and growling with dominant growling in the God Is a Killer single musical stream, anticipating the unity of musical bitterness intertwined in a joint whirlwind of the First Pain violent musical thriller.
The title track of the Extinction album begins with a bell ringing, provoking a further stern rhythmic march, crowned with majestic covers of a guitar solo and continuing with a rhythmic six-veme with progressive rhythmic variations and a bewitching unity of screaming and growling in the unity of the vocal part, sometimes moving to the forefront of the musical image, continuing with militant rolls of uncompromising the drive of the Carnage composition, again pushing the vocal part to the fore and complementing the vocal phrases with harsh and powerful musical support.
The introductory guitar solo weaves a mesmerizing veil to develop the musical essence of the Napalm musical artwork, combining the rhythmic tread of a battle march with echoes of romantic expectations and melodic guitar variations, fully developing in the romantic charm of the sound of the Destroy final composition of the album, unexpectedly and impressively introducing shades and echoes of ballads into the musical creation of this style.