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Get ready for investigation

April 12, 2023
RPWL - Crime Scene

The mesmerizing melodic guitar solo of the intro begins the musical composition of the Victim Of Desire composition, after careful and painstaking preparation, complementing the vocal part with the artistic sound of the musical investigation of the RPWL - Crime Scene concept album.
The acoustic guitar weaves musical lace for the enchanting sound of a soft and mesmerizing Red Rose ballad, complemented by gentle vocals chants.
A Cold Spring Day In ´22 song continuing the acoustic guitar chime, complemented by enchanting keyboard passages and guitar solos, just as softly and gently enchanting with its sound.
Enveloping the twilight mystery of an impenetrable haze, the Life In A Cage composition then brings the vocal part, full of doubts and hesitations, to the forefront of the musical image.
Bringing a touch of blues to the sound of the introduction, the music expands the stylistic framework of the album, with the introduction of vocals, transforming the style into the enchanting sound of the King Of The World melodic and fascinating ballad, completing the musical concept of the album with the twilight mystery of the sound of the Another Life Beyond Control composition, enchanting with melodic artistry and progressive combinations of musical parts.