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April 05, 2023
Raider (CAN) - Trial By Chaos

The title track takes the first steps of the musical journey of the Raider (CAN) - Trial By Chaos album, rolling in waves of severe and powerful drive, wrapping around assertive phrases of vocal anger, bringing melodic charm to the guitar solo of the instrumental part. The drum roll of the intro gives shades of a battle march to the sound of the Rite Of Conquest composition, weaving the vocal part from the threads of screaming and growling vocals.
The guitar solo of the introduction sets the direction for the development of the main motive, then enveloping the vocal part of the New Domain musical thriller with guitar riffs, bringing the guitar solo to the forefront of the musical image of the Fearless composition, then combining it with a charismatic vocals story in a joint musical stream.
Guitar riffs roll the irrepressible pressure of the sound of the Labyrinth song, crowned in the intro with a guitar solo, then combining guitar passages with vocal phrases in a single lace of musical charm. The Ark Of Empyrea composition combines shades of playfulness with an atmosphere of twilight musical haze, enveloping the exciting vocal lyrics with veils of intriguing musical mystery.
In the introduction, the Juggernaut Cerebrivore musical saga expands the stylistic framework of the album with the romantic sound of a guitar solo, then combining a vocal fairy tale with epic musical passages, developing this style in the artistic sound of the Devour The Darkness final composition of the album.