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Get ready for a deadly combat!

January 20, 2020
War Dogs - Die by My Sword

The guitar riffs of the War Dogs - Die by My Sword album's title track pick up into the rampant whirlwinds of the deadly dance, weaving the vocal part and guitar riffs into the lace of the main motive. Castle of Pain picks up musical banners, racing with inspiration in a swift musical stream, weaving two vocals in the vocal part and complementing the chorus of comrades-in-arms in the chorus.
Hardening musical narration, the Wings of Fire brings a whirlwind of rapid drive, complementing the flight of the musical dragon with emotional vocal inspiration. Master of Revenge pushes the vocals to the front of the musical image, lining up musical passages around vocal phrases. Returning again to unbridled swiftness, the fierce Kill the Past thriller flies like an arrow, introducing vocal narrative shades of an epic saga. Ready to Strike continues the flight of rapid drive, flying away in fast whirlwinds of the musical stream to the chosen target.
Returning to the musical narrative on the verge of a fast and fast pace, the The Shark (feat. Brian Patrick) song brings out the vocal phrases of the invited vocalist to a dominant role. The The Lights Are on (But Nobody's Home) vocal part indicates the direction of building the main motive, creating an epic narrative of a battle march, with epic tunes in the chorus. Transforming Gorgon Eyes sounding into a fierce thriller again, vocal phrases bring shades of doubt and reflection. Wrath of Theseus completes the album with an inspired epic saga, weaving a musical lace dance of vocal phrases and swift musical passages.