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December 23, 2022
Sword (CAN) -  III

Assertively, persistently and harshly, the Bad Blood song begins the musical story of the Sword (CAN) - III album, complementing the dominant vocals emotions with the power of musical drive, continuing with the acceleration of combative perseverance and comprehensive readiness for any tests in the sound of the (I Am) In Kommand composition.
The assertive rolls of the Dirty Pig mid-tempo march hammer in their significance, emphasizing the importance of vocals lyrics over and over again.
The intriguing Surfacing guitar solo acts as an introduction to the next fragment of the musical narrative of this album, complementing the musical variations with vocals phrases and lyrical reflections of the Unleashing Hell song, combining these vocals constructions with the fierce pressure of vocals anger and rage of the Spread The Pain composition, combining music and vocals in a single procession of a harsh march, leading to follow vocal phrases along hitherto unexplored paths.
Bright variations of the majestic musical introductions weave the exciting artistic lace of the Took My Chances main motif, crowning the bright musical motifs with the mid-tempo footsteps of a significant vocals narrative, preceding the energetic and assertive completion of the album with the Not Me, No Way composition.