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Geiger counter counts its account, click-clack, click-clack

October 11, 2016
Pripjat - Sons of Tschernobyl

The descendants of the survivors in the World World II they are... Pripjat - Sons of Tschernobyl has no other choise of their being!
Tearing all of the troubles around apart, Nuclear Chainsaw creates new unexplored problems while flying with intermittent guitar riffs forward without a shadow of a doubt.
Liquidators sent to correct any errors that occurred, without warning - with what they will shall face, they were not warned about the consequences. The story of the misadventures of flies powerfully and firmly, slowing down the story in the bridges in front of the choruses - to break into an inexplicable rage and resentment due to fraud.
Acid biles flows into the introduction, the guitar riffs accumulate resentment, stall in rapidly falling Acid Rain, flying with swift violent verses in pensive bridges to the melodic chorus while flexible guitar solo breaks them apart to the last one of them.
Intemperate, self-confident speech starts track, passing into the impressive spectacular guitar riffs, supported by a strong rhythmic accompaniment - then vocals yells - they're Born To Hate! Argh! I agree with them! I was born to hate too!
Lively ragged Snitches Get Stitches tells to us about deserved assessment of the actions of those who deserve to be ...impaled!
Slow, impressive and memorable guitar solo turns into a stunning and staggering Red Disease, combining all that you would expect from a great song! Lack of words - just the best of impressions!
Fast powerful jerk underwhelming given the pace of Destruction Manifesto submission. But then, the manifesto presents thoughtful and disappointingly, the resistance was broken beforehand! Word! Act! Word! Act! Melodic guitar riff discouraging enslaves the consciousness of listeners to their course, eroding residues resistance.
Quickly and angrily Toxic disperses anyone around to find the clear territories that free from radiations and biohazards.
Title track Sons Of Tschernobyl promotes ideas of the album to communicate with all who can understant them. Thoughtful, precise riffs accelerate its filing, although it remains unyielding leitmotif. Legend develops into an impressive presentation, not leaving indifferent with rays of the fabulous legends in the sparkling shadows that whims runaway memories, clinging to the descendants elusive genetic characteristics. Geiger counter clicks-clics...
Ends the unrivaled history retelling of the 3rd trach in russian, that named as Ликвидаторы. That makes us too close to the Soviet Union horrors! Back in USSR?! OH NO-NO-NO!!! Noway!