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Future variably and alternately, whatever seems right now

July 28, 2016
Secret Rule - Machination

No hints, tips or tricks, no combinations, only a small screw in the Secret Rule - Machination !
Gnashing mechanisms, gear entangled in the springs starts Ex-Machina tale, then mechanisms smashing obstacles much more furiously. But they wasted its energy - lady's voice comes to the fore for the verse. The chorus mechanisms are already configured to support female vocals, clearly and in unison sealing accompaniment.
The dancefloor brings its sounds to The Saviour, alive and active sound means that a hero rescues tirelessly, without the need for rest and respite.
Lyrical ballad I Have The Sun pulls the shade of clouds, so that the contrast between the glow of the sun and its presence was palpable and understandable. Shimmering and flickering emotions of the Singing Lady enhances the statestemt's of this knowledge accessibility.
Dolls exist as a need, the little girls admire on their beauty, their parents excited by that process . But - someone has to, even in everyday life to be as mannequin, admired by anyone, who's perceiving flaws. Leveraging the emotional impact, to the gentle, sometimes nervous female vocals joins men's harsh, emphasizing the notes of singing lady in the chorus.
Keyboard support blues guitar riffs from afar, but then Lady prepares us for I Will. The instrumental guitar bridges returns to intro's style, but then female vocals submits them to her will again.
The piano conducts the history of introduction, drumming occurs from time to time, without interrupting the story of keyboards and female vocals. The Image of melancholic and dreamy ballad appeals to recollection and evaluation of all existing emotions and impressions - both experienced as well as any possible.
In any game there are players - without them it is not feasible, it simply does not. So You're The Player in your life, in this world - the rates are changing every day. And you can reach the stars, but possible to remain without anything.
Keyboards leitmotif, that permeates the entire track with its passages indicate - that's Your Trap as well! In the middle of the composition insistent guitar riff joins to those fetters for a while, but the keyboard doesn't need special support. They cope themselves - can't get rid of this trap, however the guitar complement that palette with dense painting again.
Tough, hard, obstinately and persistently Foolish Daisy leading her story of their troubles, problems and shortcomings with Lady's vocals. But the inner voice repeats "You don't believe yourself" with the male harsh, Lady agrees with this conviction in the end of the song.
Verses of the Short Stories make their way in the middle and a fast pace, bridges arrange respites with militant drumming.
Acoustic guitar's fingering with a flute starts A Mother, drawing your attention to the minstrel ballad. Lady bard narrate her story emotionaly and impressionable, and after the part of history instruments can't left constrained and accompany heartily.