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Fury and passion seek guise

February 20, 2020
Bare Bones (AUS) - Rival Minds

The drum roll sets the mood for a furious, deadly dance New Low that weaves together a musical drive and vocal anger. The guitar solo of the Hollow Point introduction continues the Bare Bones (AUS) - Rival Minds album, partly returning to the traditions and origins of rock music, however, the vocals initially return to the usual style of the group, however, echoes of traditional values later appear in the vocal part.
Rhythmically and confidently walking along the chosen path Crawl The Night rolls the canvas of the majestic anthem, raising sparks of inspiration with the fury of vocal appeals. Keeping sound density Gold Leaf speeds up the pace somewhat, enveloping vocal phrases with artistic variations of the musical narrative. Axe To Grind again returns to a tight rhythm in the introduction, however, the vocal part calls for an artistic transformation of the rhythmic essence. However, in the vocal part, unexpected transformations occur from time to time.
Rolling the canvas of rhythmic march Drag Me Down Below builds a compositional structure for the alternation of variations of the vocal part. The sound of Gravebound is built around the vocal part, lifting the narrative of vocal recitations to the top of the musical image.
Subordinating the musical part to the vocal instructions of in the verse, Crooked Eye rolls harsh passages, offering up inspired banners in the chorus. Rust begins with a stern action movie, bringing notes of inspiration and a return to freedom-loving 70s music with tunes of clean vocals. Rival Minds concludes the album, even more reminiscent of the origins of traditional rock.