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Furiously drawing the red line

August 08, 2023
PistonFist - Redline

A rhythmic drum roll sets the pace for the intro, then a guitar solo heralds the development of the Become the Rage song's sound, then complemented by an emotional vocal story, continuing the sound of the PistonFist - Redline album with the enigmatic guitar solo of the Dig In intro, followed by the rhythmic tread of a battle march, crowning its bars with vocals phrases. Leading the rhythm in the intro, wrapping guitar riffs around the drum beats, the Resent the Day song then wraps guitar passages around the vocal licks, merging them into a mesmerizing dance.
The Blue Cheese composition expands the stylistic shores of the album, giving it shades of blues and a viscous musical slowness, sometimes torn apart by sudden sharp emotional vocal appeals, continuing the sound with a mysterious intrigue of the introduction, followed by the impatient haste of a swift drive, then again and again varying the tempo and rhythm of the Rise Up song, foreshadowing harsh sound of the title track of the Redline album, combining music and vocals in a single ascension of drive and emotions in a joint musical stream.
The twilight mystery of the musical atmosphere is complemented by muffled vocal reflections and rhythmic drumming marches in the musical procession of the Re-Run march, soaring in an accelerated tempo in the instrumental part, but returning to the rhythmic march in the final part, rolling out further the musical canvas of the procession of the Landslide composition, accelerating the sound tempo with the introduction of vocals in the rapid pace of the verse, returning to the viscous march in the chorus. The guitar solo of the intro lends an intriguing mystery, complemented by the charm of a vocal story in the enchanting sound of the Pest musical fairy tale, which precedes the whirlwind of the assertive drive of the Storm track, which ends the sound of the album with a combination of power and rush.