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Furious rage crashes everything around

March 27, 2023
Grave Digger - Fields of Blood

Bagpipes and rhythmic drumming begin the Grave Digger - Fields of Blood album with The Clansman's Journey march, then raising the flags of readiness for battles and feats in the sound of the All for the Kingdom song, combining charismatic vocal phrases with musical rush. The Lions of the Sea composition begins with inspired chorales of colleagues, then rolling the main motif of the combative sound in turns of musical drive, rolling out the musical canvas for a persistent and confident vocals procession.
The guitar solo of the introduction prepares for the persistent and persistent sound of the Freedom song, raising in the chorus the banners of honoring greatness and valor, continuing in The Heart of Scotland solemn anthem, crowned with the melodies of bagpipes and the marching majestic step of a leisurely march. In the brooding and mesmerizing Thousand Tears (feat. Noora Louhimo) ballad, the acoustic chime of guitar strings is complemented by the motifs of bagpipes, epic sagas and tunes of a singing lady, intertwined in a duet with the main male vocals.
Music and vocals are intertwined in an exciting unity of charisma and drive in the Union of the Crown single musical stream, then accentuating folk shades in the My Final Fight main motif, crowned with vocal phrases. The Gathering of the Clans composition again returns to the persistent drive and power of guitar riffs while maintaining vocals significance. In the chorus, the main vocals are complemented by the tunes of the associates who gathered to convene clans to the majestic melodies of bagpipes, announcing the proud intransigence of the Scottish highlanders and foreshadowing their joint song.
The musical passages of the verse call for reflection, exalting in the Barbarian chorus comradely solidarity and readiness to intimidate the enemy with a joint procession, ending with solemn melodies of bagpipes and a majestic step of the solemn anthem of the Fields of Blood album's title composition, combining in its long sound melodic charm and an epic narrative of the unity of music and vocals, ending with the final Requiem for the Fallen instrumental composition of the album, that is giving blessings and gratitude to the fallen soldiers.