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Fun, joy, celebration!

December 22, 2022
That Joe Payne - Ding Dong (EP)

The Ding Dong (Merry Me, I'm High) title track begins the That Joe Payne - Ding Dong (EP) release, announcing the tunes of the people gathered to celebrate, then the child's voice prepares for the development of further musical narration based on a vocals story, complemented by musical passages and enchanting festive chants of invisible Christmas elves. The melodic charm of the guitar soo of the introduction rolls out the musical canvas of the Christmas Cheer romantic ballad, along which the vocals narrative is processed, crowned with the symphonic charm of keyboards passages.
The vocal part is brought to the forefront of the brooding Greatest Gift Of All musical fairy tale, bringing notes of sublime spirituality to the musical variations, developing a festive mood with playful dances and electronic motifs of contemporary music of the Present 4 U composition, transforming the vocal part into a recitative.
The lyrical vocal tale of the Dry January song creates a feeling of light sadness and hidden sadness, regretting the lost opportunities, but inspiring to the expectation of future achievements, which the introduction of The Ghost Of Christmas Past spiritual anthem embodies in its sound, the chorales of which spiritualize and lift the soul upwards.
The musical charm of the Gloria inspired ballad leads to sublime dreams and inspires the expectation of the best achievements and grandiose transformations of further fate, confirming these expectations with soft and melodic passages of the O Holy Night final composition of the album.