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Frozen by spirit of ages northern winds accepts the raiders

April 29, 2017
Gyze - Northern Hell Song

Cold northern winds permeate travelers in wanderings, but in a soft chair by a warm fireplace why not think about the adventures in the icy expanses that causes Gyze - Northern Hell Song !
The extravaganza of musical drive flies by stormy streams, combining a furious drive and seductive melody in a single stream of fantastic sound. The piercing vocal phrases lift the song over the clouds, in the chorus, combining with the chant of sympathizing Pirates Of Upas companions.
The main motive from the first notes draws into the unrestrained spream of sparkling images, the Horkew journey is filled with various adventures and quests, shimmering with keyboards passages in mysterious sparkles in the sun's rays.
The charm of the key melody subordinates Dead Bone Blue to its sound, other instruments surround it with a tunnel of ornate guitar riffs that unites in the protection of vocal phrases together.
Black Shumari jumps in the recruiting guitar riff, breaking off in a swift pursuit of unimaginable treasures, combining a charming melody with a furious drive in a single entity.
Melody combines in exciting competition with vocal phrases in the Perryi Rain Dragon, bewitching mysterious cross movements, braiding each other and complementing the movements. In instrumental solo, violin passages develop into a guitar solo, continuing in the impetuous drive of guitar riffs inspired by classical motifs.
Lyrical romance envelopes with clouds of illusory dreams in the instrumental ballad Mayoi sounds.
The leitmotif permeates the entire The Bloodthirsty Prince composition, drawing him into unrestrained pursuit along his path.
Hard, rhythmic steps drives the weight of the Kamuy detachment into the slippery stones of an impassable mountain road, over and over again enveloping the phrases of wanderers with the violent whirls of guitar riffs.
Brown TroutFrosty vortices howers somewhere above us, crashing snow avalanches from frozen mountains ... after a brief respite of the keyed passage, the music breaks into a frenzied, unrestrained drive. The instrumental part begins with the same fascinating keyboard passage that completes the introduction, then the guitar solo draws into the glittering expanses of Valhalla, sweeping away by the Thor's hammer all of the obstacles for dreamy sight.
Legends of the past about Frozen Dictator bears so encouraging drive, combining in rapid and rhythmic structures, uniting together with the chorus of narrators in the chorus.
Title track Northern Hell Song carries us into the snow-covered expanses, glistening in the frosty air, icy fjords. The whirlwinds of snow storms and ruthless blizzards envelop the nervous vocal phrases with a shawl of piercing guitar breaks. Then, in the instrumental part, the melody comes to the fore, raising the bright northern lights above the glistening icy wastelands.
Wanderings through the icy wastelands requires refuge in a safe haven, warmed in a cave by a hot fire, playing the romantic melody of Snow-Upas instrumental ballad.
The motives of the classics appeals to the title Moonlight Sonata (Bonus Track), completing the album with wonderful charming melodies and fierce vocal delights.