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Frosty blizzard from the darkest night

August 10, 2023
Winterstorm (ECU) - Vinterstormener

The instrumental mystery of the Intro combines a thoughtful suite of keyboard ismonia with the sound of rain in the background, continuing the musical story of the Winterstorm (ECU) - Vinterstormener album with the impetuous drive and furious pursuit of the intro of the Into the Deep Darkness song, which restrains the tempo and impetuosity with a combination of enchanting melody and reflections of the vocal part. But then the music rises again in a furious whirlwind of impetuous drive, wrapping its passages around vocal phrases, after a brief respite, in a similar way completing this musical fragment of the album.
The assertive hum of the guitar solo weaves the musical fabric of The Storm & The Night main motive, rolling it out for a procession of the vocal part, calling for the acceleration of the musical passages in unyielding fury and unbridled anger, then pacifying the tempo in the rhythmic tread of a battle march, after a brief sound of rain, rising in a furious whirlwind of the Through the Astral Mist musical thriller , carrying carefully prepared vocal phrases on the furious wings of a ghostly dragon, complemented by a charming search for melodic variations.
The enchanting mystery of the melodic motifs of northern fairy tales envelops the further narrative of The Frozen Winds of Winter epic saga with enchanting veils of sparkling musical charm, artistically and bewitchingly weaving a sparkling musical lace, alternating and combining different tonalities in the vocal part, continuing the sound of the album with an assertive guitar solo of A distant Wind Horizon intro, which then acts as the basis for building a musical the structure of the main motive, crowned with background echoes of vocal phrases, ending with the symphonic twilight of the entry of the Outro inctrumental composition, which draws a decisive line in this album's musical story with the raindrops on the background.