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Frost have to cleanse all around

January 23, 2022
Crowne, 2021 -  Kings in the North

The title track begins the musical march of the Crowne - Kings in the North album with a solemn anthem, enveloping the vocal significance with shimmering and sparkling flags of triumphal procession. After a brief preparation of the introduction, the Perceval song speeds up the musical tempo a little, bringing into sound echoes of epic sagas and ancient fairy tales, charming with significant solemnity of sound of the chorus.
The sound of the musical lace combines the mysterious intrigue of the verse and the constant and emotional emphasis of the Sharoline title in the chorus. The pulsating heartbeat of the Unbreakable song is crowned with artistic symphonies of keyboard passages, sometimes stepping back from the vocals sensuality.
The guitar solo and siren in the introduction bring echoes of disturbing futurism to the sound of the Mad World composition, continuing a similar stylistic march in the musical sound of the One in a Million song, in which keyboard notes take on greater significance in the main motif, keeping the stylistics, but varying the tempo and musical tones in the Sum of All Fears musical tale. Continuing the unity of musical genres and ages in the musical sound of the Set Me Free ballad combines the medieval symphonies and modern musical solutions in a single musical canvas.
The Make a Stand track marches with rhythmic drive, rolling waves of guitar riffs before the vocal procession, continuing the similar importance of guitar riffs in the sound of the Cross to Bear song, preceding the Save Me from Myself romantic ballad, which closes the album with sensual and emotional experiences.