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Frost can burn like flame

January 07, 2022
Dreadnaught - Northern Burner

Beginning the musical narrative of the Dreadnaught - Northern Burner instrumental album the Pink Light track creates an intriguing atmosphere, then playful and fun in a progressive musical manner the Pig & Pony composition fascinates with melodic artistry and complex and mysterious musical variations, again and again transforming the musical sound with various musical fragments.
A thoughtful and unhurried Rum Cake guitar solo serves as an introduction to the Monsignor Bananas composition, in which echoes of popular music and familiar motifs are artistically intertwined in a single musical charm, exciting and captivating in the wanderings of the described expanse. Then the sound is transformed by a romantic reverie, as if exalting in reverie over a world of mundane temptations, but then returning to the leitmotif again.
The mysterious mystical musical sound of the Fantasy In Pink Light track creates a mysterious intrigue, then dissipated by the cheerful sound of the Sundown At The Barnyard composition, which after reflection surrenders to the thoughtful merriment and meaningful solemnity of the festive procession.
In the sound of the Parlor Tricks track we can guess the echoes of the legendary compositions, but this is only a guess in the progressive musical lace that seems so ambiguous. The Pony & Pig track fascinates with incredible complication of sounding, sometimes transforming into leisurely majestic procession. The clapping and rhythmic waves of understated drive leave the Throwing In The Towel final chord of the instrumental album.