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Frost binds with the fetters of darkness and gloom

February 08, 2020
Wolves In Exile - Frost and Ruin

The mysterious chime of guitar strings mesmerizes with mystical omens, then intertwined with an artistic keyboard mystery, complemented by wordless background chorales. Then the Frozen Underworld musical narrative gains power and energy, lifting vocal phrases to the top of the musical image, alternating emotional screaming and dreamy tunes of clean vocals. The organ suite creates a symphonic background for piano mixing, but then the vocal, intertwined in The Night Madness exciting dance with a musical drive, continues the Wolves In Exile - Frost and Ruin album with swiftly musical musical vortexes hanging around the vocal phrases, transforming into muffled reflection of the sage in bridges. The keyboard extravaganza precedes the final guitar spurt, combining with it in a bewitching dance.
Exciting musical delights bring the guitar solo to the fore, then alternating in The Master Unseen song's dominant role vocal phrases and a rhythm section. Then follows a bewitching epic with soft tunes of a singing fairy anticipating the exquisite majesty of clean vocals, raising the banners of a brooding melody that precedes the guitar solo of the instrumental part. In the mysterious atmosphere of an unclear mystery, the vocal part comes to the forefront of the Mirror and Prophecy musical image, shrouded in coverings of bewitching forebodings and unidentified prophecies.
The tenacity of the vocal narrative captivating the musical essence of The Ancient Red Lake composition to follow the stubborn and unyielding mid-tempo march, lifting vocal phrases to the top of the pulsating waves of the musical narrative. The charming lace of the Interlude - the Freezing Rest instrumental suite captivates with incredible artistry, weaving such an impressive introduction to the final composition of the album River of Thorns, which begins with such a sweet dance of guitar and keyboards, then the music pumps the veils of a dark celebration surrounding the magician’s spell with the impressive grandeur of the twilight anthem.