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From the stars to the mountain peaks

February 05, 2018
Appalachian Winter - From The Cosmos To The Mountains

Solemnly and sublime after the wise prophecies, the All Begins Now main motive begins the conceptual epic saga Appalachian Winter - From The Cosmos To The Mountains, combining the guitar and keyboard parts in bright symphonic impulses of musical armor, that protects the vocal phrases from the vile pernicious influences.
The spectacular epic guitar solo starts the Boiling, Upsurging Expanse song, giving it legendary heroism and exaltation of valorous exploits, despising any obstacles and not indulging in any doubts. A confident, powerful and exciting drive completes this heroic epic, combining majestic vocals and unique musical combinations.
Guitar trills in the enigmatic fog of the Essence Condensing from Fury introduction precedes a wave of drive that raises the musical canvas into the illusory limits of incredible symphonic romance.
As if awakening the forces of nature and the incredible unbridled spirits of the elements, shackled by an ancient nap This Moment, All Is Light pulses with their heartbeat, rolling waves of melodic revelations, pulsating like a stream of blood piercing the world's shores.
Multivalued and majestic Come Together and Build the Heavens instrumental passages recreate the sparkling outlines of the future achievements, as if predicting in their melodic decisions the outlines of the coming universe.
Building from pensive key notes, the grand pedestal of the coming symphonic completion of the epic saga 1 envelops us with the canopy of magnificent romanticism, embracing with burning desire to listen to this album again and again!