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From myself I can't hide, there's no sense be ashamed of that

June 08, 2016
Morphium - The Blackout

The mysterious beginning, the howling wind or phantoms, helicopter noise - that's The Incident, intro of the album Morphium - The Blackout !
Buzzing reef and chopped phrase starts What Lies Behind Words, iridescent colors of the accompaniment, which envelop its guitars by notes of keyboards passages, vocals combines as a clear male and female, adding growling inserts.
Jerk twitching moves Victim Of Your Shame, growl making the way through the thickness of the shame. Clear vocals keep the crown of chorus in his hands. Short restful keyboard passage paves the way for a guitar solo, and clear male vocals hold crown on high again.
Keyboard solo begins Made Of Scars, dreamy vocals continue the track with its calm sound. Dreamy, lyrical ballad interrupts popping growl, that becomes like "bad cop" here. But despite the increase in the rate - dreamer finish composition as well.
Acoustic guitar and strange by distracting sounds samples indicate Point Of No Return for all of us. You'd Rather Be Blind but choice always remains - therefore, at an average pace, hard enough and intrusive, with a modern riffs with keyboards linked to them leads the story, changing places, growl, harsh and clean vocals.
Acoustic guitar come into intro Away From Myself, but after the entry the sound acquires spikes, trying to impose their heaviest burden on audience. In mid a dreamy lyrical confession for some time eliminates the anger and rage, replacing them with his phrases and notes keyboards. Then join the melodic component and other tools, bringing fury and spite.
High, volatile riff takes us from the ground to the clouds - you have to understand, that All You Are! In verse volatile riff replaced by keyboard notes. Lyrical composition weaves a melody for the soul and the expectation of future achievements.
Buzzing, like the wings of an insect riff opens Mud For My Thirst, where angry, furious growl is verse vocals, chorus performed by clean male vocals.
Blindfolded vicious beating of drums, other instruments are expected aside. But growl connects and they throw themselves into the heat of combat. After another chorus music becomes like a ghost band, fairies flying around and the curtains sounds rustle of phantom wind.
Piano accompaniment, clean vocals takes the low notes El Final (feat. Estefania Aledo) and then a fabulous lady continues this tale in Spanish, the man's phrase again and they end up together.
The title track is crowned album The Blackout by its calm melodical sounds... and howling wind close that artwork.