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From extreme to extreme

February 08, 2021
Sinergy - To Hell and Back

The furious scream of the witch announcing her return ends with a rhythmic drumbeat topped by The Bitch is Back charismatic chants of a singing lady, combining vocal changes with musical variations in the Sinergy - To Hell and Back album's first composition, continuing with the Midnight Madness unity of melody and drive, wrapping the rhythmic pulsations of the rhythm section and inspirational vocal tunes with bright guitar solos.
Fighting echoes of the heroic sagas are combined in a mid-tempo musical procession, complementing the Lead us to War main vocals with backing vocals and combining them with a symphonic keyboard background. Beginning with symphonic reverie, the Laid to Rest ballad raises the banners of romantic experiences, weaving a lace of sensual emotions. The impatient intro creates an appropriate atmosphere for the rebellious guitar solo, then complemented by vocal resentment and resentment with the vocal part coming to the fore of the Gallowmere musical image.
A vivid whirlwind of guitar solo weaves a sparkling spiral around the dark mystery of the Return to the Fourth World vocal part, coming to the fore in instrumental bridges and then weaving with vocal inspiration in a symphonic unity. The angry appeal of the male vocals invokes the furious motives of the Last Escape harsh musical thriller, but the vocals tunes bring elements of melodic artistry to this gloomy drive. The vocal monologue creates the sound of the Wake up in Hell introduction, then walks in a solemn procession of a pulsating anthem, in which the singing lady's vocals carry the banner of triumphant romance. Reimagining the hit of the 80s Hanging on the Telephone ( Blondie cover) finishes the release with memories of energetic youth.