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Frightening warnings of coming troubles

April 02, 2021
To The Grave - Global Warning

Early highlights include attention-grabbing the To The Grave - Global Warning album's openin track Holocaustralia, folowing this musical style in the Ecocide and the absolutely massive Pest Control highly tributing the brutal death music origins of the famous bands in their chunky, churning, bowel-loosening riffs. as well as the menacingly melodic, with the latter two tracks Hell Hole and Slaughter Forever also showing off a major technical death influence.
Starting in a mysterious whisper, the Gristle Blower then hesitated by vocal frenzy, varying the pace and styles and the pace of musical variations. The The Devil In Sheepskin Holocaustralia (Ft. Aidan Holmes From Dealer)transforms musical passes the influence of the participation of the invited artist, the gossip of musical lace from the combinations of anger and rage.
Thankfully the second half of the album doesn’t drop the ball, with Wastage throwing some warped technicality into the mix, even as Skin Like Pigs (Ft. Rheese Peters From Babirusa) song, in the sound of which special attention should be paid to the participation of the invited vocalist and the Lips & Assholes track's double down on the bone-headed, slam-tastic brutality, before the whole ugly affair concludes with the gruesomely intense, grimly atmospheric the Seven Billion Reasons Why composition, which really does remind me of early bands of used music style as seen through a more modern, deathcore-inspired lens.