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Freezing blizzards bring northern kind of legend

October 23, 2018
Ash of Ashes - Down the White Waters

Leisurely, measured and balanced entering the main theme of the title composition develops its narration, creating the epic outlines of the conceptual album Ash of Ashes - Down the White Waters. Develops the motives of the previous composition, casting the perception of the main motive - giving the sound of the spirit of bard legend. Flames on the Horizon vocals hardens and encourages the addition of a sounding drive, however, it returns to a stately epic.
Carried out in a fast-paced race, vocals thicken their narrative in a mix of screaming and growling, but then rejoice in the epic narration of clean vocals. Music of Ash to Ash song takes vocals changes through unforgettable folk motifs. The solemn aura of inexpressible significance of ancient legends envelops with the Sea of Stones covers of a romantic ballad, giving honor and praise to ancestors, then the sound is compacted, speeding up the tempo and persistence of the narration. But the vocal retains the solemnity and significance of the narration. The acoustic instrumental Springar saga is presented as an introduction to the thoughtful tale of the wise bard Seven Winters Long (The Lay of Wayland) (which foreshadows the final part of the album), who praises the trials he has passed and is preparing for future tasks and battles. Complementing the album with In Chains (The Lay of Wayland) gloomy drive wave, it combines epic notes in its sound, fabulous shades and envelops them with a majestic drive, alternating dreamy clean and alarmed screaming in the vocal narration. Clean vocals initially expand the stylistic framework of the album, then the screaming vocals picks up the narration The Queen's Lament (The Lay of Wayland) against the background of bright and fantastic musical accompaniment. The final part of the album Chambers of Stone (The Lay of Wayland) returns to the sound of traditional metal, enveloping it with epic shades and complementing the clean vocals with hints of screaming vocals.
Instrumental symphony Outro significantly and solemnly completes the album.