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Forgotten tales of ancient civilizations

April 21, 2020
Samavayo - Vatan

Long mysterious portents of the Prevarication Nation intro ends with a viscous lace of musical passages enveloping a leisurely vocal narrative with a mysterious atmosphere. Instrumental bridges add the rigidity of a furious drive. The Samavayo - Vatan title track enters into a violent explosion, continuing with the pulsation of a significant and stern march.
The mesmerizing development of musical lace interweaves progressive trends with epic echoes in the Sirens single musical canvas. Pulsing with a mid-tempo mystery, music brings intrigue, rolling out the Hate Of Thousands musical flows of mesmerizing action.
Setting the direction of thought Marionette sometimes explodes with an emotional drive, but then returns to the thoughtfulness of a leisurely narrative.
The bass guitar's solo weaves a round dance of the Time To Die intro, which then develops into the main motif, intertwining vocal and musical variations in a bewitching musical lace. A marching, bewildering march of Children Of Kobane song completes the album, asking more and more questions.