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Forgotten shadows arises from the ashes and dust

March 11, 2020
Bloodraven - Dust & Shadows

A whirlwind of unbridled rage reflects on the development of a musical narrative that introduces epic artistry into the twilight stream of the Hex musical entity, restraining it from the rapid impulses of rage. The exciting melody of the Obscurus main motive captivates the vastness of enchanting fairy tales, entwining the listener with the unity of a fast drive and epic melody, which is a hallmark of the Bloodraven - Dust & Shadows entire album.
The furious drive of the intro is carried by the unbridled whirlwind of the deadly, but then the Deathwitch music and vocal phrases recreate a certain charm of dark melody. Amid the rampant drive of the rhythm of the section, vocal phrases and guitar riffs are intertwined in the mesmerizing charm of the mystical dance of Stormcrow composition.
The title track Dust & Shadows first marches on a leisurely march of dark grandeur, but then the guitar solo calls for swift swirls of black spells, then competes with a leisurely thoughtful narration of vocal phrases for a dominant role in the musical image. But then the vocal narrative in the role of the gloomy phrases of a ghostly storyteller rises to the surface of the Supremacy & Despair musical image, shrouded in the charm of the gloomy mystery of the echoes of forgotten fairy tales in musical accompaniment.
The guitar solo of the Bloodborn main motive captivates the open spaces of ancient legends, enveloping with the rest of the musical parts the vocal narrative by the twilight of ancient prophecies. Then the Blood of the Old Gods furious thriller completes the album with a stream of frantic drive.