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Forgotten paths rises from the depths of memory

April 15, 2019
 Saor - Forgotten Path

The pulsating rhythm anticipates the sound of an enchanting symphony, recreating an epic musical lace and becoming the main motive of title track's composition. Then the vocals complement these fabulous musical laces with hints of furious austerity, embodying the wisdom of the centuries with a deep growling and setting the overall tone of the Saor - Forgotten Paths album. Fascinating flutes and violins completes the title song, anticipating the soft and thoughtful chime of the Monadh intro, which is then complemented by the pensive notes of the piano. Then the main motive of the title song comes to the forefront of the musical image, appearing as the leitmotif of the album. The vocals complements the fascinating musical passages only with rare growling phrases and obscure clean vocals background chants.
The musical component of the Bron composition begins with a wave of fierce drive, introducing disturbing intrigue. Then the vocal complements the experience with its shades, but the composition then appears as a solemn anthem, enveloping the female vocal with epic echoes of ancient legends and fairy tales. The leitmotif is transformed into a charming, romantic acoustic symphony, the final album with the Exile outro with music against the background of the sound of the surf waves.