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Forest watch requires concentration

March 13, 2021
Dea Artio - Waldwacht

The soft guitar solo bewitches with mystical mystery, but then the musical power rolls over with the twilight waters of musical fury, starting the musical narration of the Dea Artio - Waldwacht album with the Des Rauschend Baches Ursprung epic saga, combining and alternating different tonalities of vocal screaming, building on these changes the musical canvas of compositional ideas.
The twilight mystery of the Am Gipfelkreuze introduction envelops the listener in whirlwinds of invisible ghostly influences, then alternating the severe procession of the musical march with the whirlwinds of the furious accelerations of instrumental bridges. But then music and vocals from time to time intertwine in the musical stream of unrestrained drive, preserving the epic mood of the musical image, sometimes complementing the fragments of the composition with the sound of the jew's harp.
Rolling the path of the march of the musical march with rhythmic pulsations, the Waldesruh song complements the musical march with vocals hardened to growling. But then the vocals are transformed into screaming, combined with a dancing musical rhythm. Further, the composition builds the sound on such alternations. The Jagd completes the sound of the album similar to the first composition, but complements the soft intro with the noise of rain and approaching bad weather. But with the introduction of vocals, the sound is transformed into a warrior saga.