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Forest people feel a special unity with nature

April 16, 2020
XIV Dark Centuries - Waldvolk

The mysterious sacrament of the Heimwaerts introduction opens the book of the XIV Dark Centuries - Waldvolk album, developing the motives of intro in the epic saga of the Skogafulka composition, accelerating the tempo of the musical canvas after the introduction of vocals.
The vocals immediately comes to the forefront of the Svava musical image, combining dominant screaming with background growling. The chime of acoustic guitar strings is complemented by a mysterious whisper, continuing with the inspired sound of the Firratan bard saga, complementing the musical canvas with violin parts. After a musical break, the Atme Den Wald song rushes into the furious race of a musical thriller.
The introductory symphony is transformed by the fascinating narrative of the Ich Bin Das Feuer epic saga, complementing the meaningful vocal narrative with the bewitching melody of the musical passages. Sunna folklore motifs captivate the soft solo of an acoustic guitar, complemented by a chime of bells. The vocal narrative begins with the tunes of clean vocals, then the vocals and music complement each other with mutual bitterness to a severe drive and deep growling. Julenzeit continues the folklore style of the previous composition, bringing to the forefront of the musical image an exciting guitar solo.
Starting with the thoughtful reflections of folklore motifs, Runibergunthen develops the main motive into an exciting stream of exciting drive. As if inventing the song of birds and the echoes of the spirits of their ancestors, Bragarful then complements these tunes with a furious drive, completing the album with the Nott instrumental ballad, which pays tribute to the memory of the native lands.